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Call for abstracts

UPE11 is the first IUPEA Symposium to take place in Latin America. It is planned as a venue to share and debate different regional and local approaches to socio-territorial and environmental crises, trends and choices, and to explore and contrast different strategies, instruments, and policies for guiding urbanization processes in diverse national settings.

Spanish, Portuguese and English will serve as official Symposium languages, and UPE11 will include researchers, public officials, planners, educators and representatives of civil society organizations involved in dealing with urban growth and environmental planning in a variety of socio-political and cultural settings.

UPE 11 attempts to discern what answers- similar and divergent - we may give to the questions that we share and - not less significant - what issues and what enquiries differentiate our contexts and our approaches.


1. Sustainability challenges in socio-territorial development and urban/regional planning

2. Urban form and structure: organizing territories, guiding growth patterns

3. Changing perceptions and approaches to the "Right to the City"

4. Building new socio-environmental agendas to steer and manage urban transitions and transformations

We invite you to make proposals for presentations in track sessions, or for the poster sessions. The deadline for abstracts is March 21, 2014. For guidelines, registration fees, and other information, please visit www.UPE11.org Please send abstracts to expo@upe11.org. UPE11 is hosted by the Universidad Nacional de La Plata.



Abstract submission Deadline: March 21

Abstracts approval: April 14

Early registration fee: May 30

Full paper / presentation submission: July 28

Regular registration fee: August 11

UPE 11 opens: September 16



Abstracts and other proposals may be submitted in English, Spanish or Portuguese.



- Scientific papers (will be presented, commented and discussed in concurrent track sessions)

- Posters: the Evaluation Committee might suggest that some abstracts be finally presented under a Poster format. Authors may also indicate their preference for this type of presentation.

- Presentation of socio-territorial and environmental planning and management programs and practices at the local level (posters for permanent exhibition and parallel forum)

- Presentation of socio-territorial and environmental planning education and training experiences at the local/regional level (posters for permanent exhibition and parallel forum)


GUIDELINES FOR AUTHORS OF SCIENTIFIC PAPERS / planning practices and planning education posters.

resentation standards 

Both types of presentations {(i) papers in thematic sessions and (ii) (E+F 1 and E+F 2 Posters)} should submit a summary for its approval by the Evaluation Committee.

  • Abstracts (in Spanish - Portuguese - English) may have a maximum length of one (1) page size A4, font Arial 11, single line spacing, and margins of 2.5 cm (1 inch) on all sides.
  • Authors of papers' abstracts should point out the thematic axis for which they apply; the authors of posters' abstracts will indicate which of the two subjects (E+F1 or E+F2) they apply to.

Abstract will introduce the subject and will describe objectives, methodology, the most relevant results or the project's progress,  main results and conclusions that will be developed in the final paper or poster,  as well the main bibliographical or documentary references on which is based.

Abstracts will be headed by:

- Title: bold, with initial capital letters

-Surname and name of the / author/s; Institution (s), city and country: contact e-mail address

-Key words (up to 5)

-The title will be centered. The other headlines will be right aligned.

In order to send/upload abstracts, please enter the following link and register as AUTHOR.  The system will guide you during the operationhttp://www.congresos.unlp.edu.ar/index.php/UPE/UPE11

All abstracts (papers and posters) must be sent and received by

Friday March 21

Abstracts' acceptance will be notified to its authors by Monday, April 14.

In order for the final papers or posters to be included in the Symposium's programme, at least one of its authors must comply with the registration requirements as indicated in the calendar.

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