Editorial policy

Abstracts (for track sessions) and posters (for Exhibitions + Forums) will have a double-blind peer evaluation in terms of their originality, clarity, solid plot and thematic relevance and appropriateness. The evaluators shall communicate the acceptance or rejection of abstracts and may suggest adjustments in its focus.

Accepted abstracts will then be organized according to the pertinent track sessions or Forums and compiled in a publication ("book of abstracts") that will be delivered in La Plata to all participants.

Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to consider the evaluators' comments, to elaborate Advanced drafts of their papers and/or posters and to refer them to UPE 11 before July 28th, so that discussants can start preparing the track sessions and organizing Forums. At the same time, Editorial board might make final comments and to the authors.

Final papers and posters will be sent to UPE 11 before 24 August 24th (three weeks before the Symposium). All final papers and posters from accepted abstracts will be published (in their original languages) in a digital, ISBN book, edited by University of La Plata Press. This book will be delivered at the meeting to all registered participants.

On the basis of criteria of thematic structure, the Editorial Board will select those complete papers that will be presented, commented on and discussed in the corresponding sessions. Given limited conference sessions and time, not all the accepted papers will be selected by the Editorial Board for oral presentation and discussion in the thematic sessions. The selection decision of the Editorial Board (see "important dates") will be based on review of the abstracts and the contribution each makes to a combination of sessions that elaborate on the 'state of the art' of the subject, reflecting the mix of accepted papers in different languages, and on the maximum number of papers than can be reasonably and properly presented and discussed in a series of 105 minute sessions.


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